Celebrating nearly 50 years of low prices

Pep has been producing quality school uniforms since 1972 – here’s how you can cash in on the celebrations

Pep’s Student Prince brand is a South African staple, having offered quality school wear for decades. The trusted name is celebrating almost 50 years of production in South Africa and is giving back with another chance for first-time school learners to cash in – find out more below!

The Student Prince factory was started in July 1972 in Durban, with a single production line producing 1 000 units a day. Within two years the factory employed six times as many employees and produced 7 500 units of various lines a day.

In 1979, Pep Stores obtained official SABS approval to display the body’s logo on its series of Student Prince school clothing. This was a significant moment in Pep’s history.

In 1980, the company concluded an advertising contract for Student Prince with the famous Rosenkowitz sextuplets born in 1974 – the world’s first set of sextuplets to survive infancy.

Today Student Prince school wear is manufactured at the PepClo (Pep Clothing) factory in Parow, Cape Town, which employs nearly 2 000 people.

Student Prince grey school trousers remain the greatest value school product at Pep –and you can find many more discounts as well as all your other school essentials under one roof.

Around 2,1 million pairs of grey trousers are manufactured a year and more than 35 000 Student Prince items are manufactured a day, making it easy to help your children dress for success.

Student Prince – quality trusted by generations of moms

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